Heidi has a passion for art, music, and design.

"I love colour. I love beauty. And I love the illusive simplicity of land, sea, clouds and the sky. I like to paint with a freedom to let the subject form as I paint. Several of these pieces have an impressionistic feel, yet are also abstract--but not unattainable. Many people have commented that that they can’t tell if it is land or water. I like that. I want the viewer connecting with the painting to have their own interpretive experience."

Heidi has always enjoyed expressing herself through various genres. She began her career as a jewelry designer in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1990, and expanded rapidly, selling her creations in several shops and galleries across Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales.

Subsequently running her business from just outside Vancouver, Canada, she began studying art and design in 1998 at Trinity Western University. Her love for colour, evident in her jewelery endeavours, crossed over into her visual art.

Her most recent series, Land and Sea, which Heidi has worked on for almost two years, represents various interpretations of land and sea. Through the medium of oil on canvas, the method of multiple washes and layers of paint alongside rubbing-off techniques, and with much chiaroscuro (strong contrasts between light and dark), her passion is to paint subjects that are both intense and beautiful. She loves the intensity in creation; "It can teach us so much, as no human is exempt from the intensity of life—yet some of the most intense experiences of our lives become the most beautiful. Even in the midst of storms and crashing waves, great peace can be present."

With historical allusions to 19th century British Romantic landscape painter J. M. W. Turner, and nuancing 20th century American Expressionist painter Mark Rothko, her influence and inspiration comes from the beauty and colour of the sea, land and sky.

When she paints, she prays that the Spirit of God would guide her, as she desires to create an atmosphere of peace in her art. Heidi's purpose or goal is that her viewers will be touched and experience peace in engagement with her pieces: "That you will be refreshed with the perspective that, although life can be intense at times, peace is always available to those who know how to find it.

Heidi is a mother of three sons and grandmother of two, who lives in Langley, British Columbia and co-pastors a church along with her husband, Paul

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